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Angle greed

Victoria Da Feidaçao, Euclidian topologist. Excerpt from the introduction for the paper "Squaring the circle with : a solution in the Ð-space", appeared in the Journal of Euclidian Mathematics, 1984, 56 (5):324-327.

There are many theories concerning the apparition of in our world. The most commonly accepted one is the "Zig-Bang" theory (Da Feidaçao et al., 1983; Georgetti et al., 1982). Though it is satisfactory as a whole, it does not explain the very substance of or its movements throughout the Net, and does not provide any tool to the researchers willing to locate its whereabouts. In this paper, we will demonstrate that is basically drawn by certain geometrical entities, most of them based on simple polygons, such as the square. Our recent contacts with seem to confirm our hypothesis of the "quadrangular attractor" (QA) and we have subsequently developed a complete system of equations from the co-ordinates of all the so-called "-spottings" officially registered in the past six years. We added to this first database a second one made of the hue/saturation/luminance values of several dozens of ratified photographs of himself, or of 's surroundings (like the one illustrating this paper, or the lesser-known Door picture). We expect that , in its next visits in our world, will prove our model to be valid.

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