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Public auction, 6/17/96. Dr Armand Hübermeyer. Excerpt from the catalogue. From left to right and top to bottom: , , , and . The paintings are unsigned and undated.

Between 1987 and 1997, a period during which he was committed at the Epahraïm Daladier Psychiatic Confinement Institute, Dr Armand Hübermeyer painted 617 works with his left foot. All the paintings are of the same size (200 x 200 cm), and they represent one unique subject, , a supernatural entity that Hübermeyer claimed to have met in person in 1980. Hübermeyer dedicated to his famous 's Complex, and, more tragically, the brutal murder of his family that was the cause for his internment. Hübermeyer expressed repeatedly his desire to be a "receiver body" for if this entity chose to settle in our world. The doctor mysteriously escaped while taking a shower, and was never recaptured.

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