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Fun things

The image mixer: Create your own abstract pictures!

The Image Mixer scans the directories of this website, samples the images it finds and creates a new, original picture. You can control the process through several parameters, such as the size, shape, number and opacity of the samples.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit a gallery of pictures created with the Image Mixer:

TrueSpam mixer

Unsolicited email, aka spam, aka the bane of the internet, is a fascinating animal. No matter how hard one fights it, filters it, trashes it, it's always there, shifting shapes, worming its way into our mailboxes. And yet, it'so clueless, so stupid, so utterly pathetic, so depressing. If we are to believe it, the ideal spam customer overweight, balding, wrinkled, snoring, impotent, lacking sexual stamina, completely unattractive. The customer has a small penis, tiny breasts, bad teeth and will soon meet cancer. The customer is poor, knee-deep in debts and mortgages, without health coverage, out of job or having a dull one. The customer is despised by everyone but the sons and widows of deceased African officials. The customer is a porn fiend, aroused by anything involving teenage girls, farm animals and hidden webcams. The customer is insensitive to bad spelling, blissfully ignorant and hopes to improve his/her sorry life by getting bogus university diplomas, driving licenses or certificates of priesthood. The customer adores anything that's free or cheap, anything seen on TV. The customer lives a unhappy, despaired, terrifed life, threatened by his/her spouse, boss, goverment and neighbours but hopes to be able to get revenge by finding secret dirt on them in the Internet. The customer is selfish, greedy, but also so lazy that making money fast shoud never be harder than "stuffing envelopes "at home or spamming other gullible individuals. We can hope, though, that this ideal customer doesn't exist anywhere else than in the imagination of spammers.

The TrueSpam mixer creates imaginary spam messages by randomly selecting records from a database of more than 4000 classic spam phrases, compiled from 3 years of spam. The messages haven't been edited (apart the necessary removal of phone numbers, e-mail and web addresses). The selection isn't exactly representative, otherwise it would much more repetitive as the same message is usually sent over and over. Note that spam of explicit sexual nature is represented, but in a relatively small amount (3%, including the penis enlargement ads), because this sort of spam is often without text. Like regular spam, Random Spam can be dull, nasty, pitiful, offending by its stupidity or by its vulgarity, or simply poetic and surreal, but at least you can control the amount you receive.

ShakeSpam mixer

ShakeSpam or Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet all mixed up (texts available at the Gutenberg Project). See how everything human is in Shakespeare : love and hate, life and death, crime, madness, power and ambition, sin and guilt, treason, cowardice and courage, family relationships, married life, good and evil, beautiful and sweet things, dark and terrible ones, cries and tears, blood in amazing amounts and of course a famous question?

ThinkSpam mixer

ThinkSpam is what happens when Immanuel Kant and David Hume have a brainstorm: a Treaty on the Critique of the Pure Reason of the Human Nature (texts available at the Gutenberg Project). Let these philosophers spam you with thoughts about virtues, vices, reason, God, freedom, experience, law, existence, causality, nature, sensibility, space and time.