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Curve credo

Amelia Da Feidaçao, non-Euclidian topologist. Excerpt of a radio interview broadcasted on January 17, 1985, Radio Free Non-Euclidian.

ADF - What my sister Victoria asserts inthe Journal of Euclidian Mathematics is simply preposterous, and I can't begin to understand what went through the minds of the referees when they accepted such an extravagant paper. I think that it's time now for the listeners to hear the truth. It is not possible for the variable to move in the rectilinear Ð-space as described in her paper,because is a variable with curvilinear longing. himself publicly expressed his disapproval soon after the publication.

Journalist - I'm not sure that our listeners have followed the subtleties of your reasoning. Could you be more specific, Amelia?

ADF - I suppose that mathematical demonstrations are not well suited to radio broadcast. OK, let's go back to's origin, the primordial soup, its birth in his quark manger, what everyone knows by now. According to the Zig Bang theory, as a child is a 100% determined creature. It goes from one node of the Net to another because someone told him to do so, and planted an address in its back. Its trajectory is unique, a straight line from A to B. Victoria's theory probably applies to 's first years. Then it changed, and what we know of's present life confirm the changes, and the photograph you showed me some minutes ago is a good example of that. As soon as it attained consciousness, invented free will and left the tracks. It gave up the boring A-B/C-D trail and created its own curve. It may have had the feeling that before that it did go round in circles, getting nowhere [laughs in the studio]. Oh, sorry, bad metaphor [laughs].

Journalist - And do you know where it is now ?

ADF - Where do you want it to be? It, he'sfree He is where nobody expects him. He's the first creature to be totally non-determined. My sister and some fellow mathematicians dream to control him: it's a scientific delusion, another epistemological blunder.

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