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The lonely shadow

Office of Edmond Llox, M.D., pedopsychiatrist - Confidential transcript,date unknown.

Q - Could you describe the circumstances of your daughter's first sighting of this man?

A. - That was three months ago. Lucie and I were coming back from my sister's. We were walking, as usual, and we passed under the railway bridge, near the Vraincy Station. She was riding her little bike in front of me, and she stopped suddenly. There was a bright strip of light, and she started crying, because of the shadow on the ground.

Q - The shadow of a man?

A - The shadow of a man. He should have been standing on the overpass, right over us. She was so scared, but children have so many reasons to be afraid, you know. I took her hand, and told her not be frightened, that it was just the shadow of this man on the bridge. Then I looked up and pointed my finger to the man.

Q - And there was nobody on the bridge?

A - Nobody at all. Only his shadow. It seems, I mean it seemed to watch us.

Q - And she has been afraid since, she keeps talking to you about this event?

A. - She talks about it everyday, but she's not afraid anymore, I don't think so. She calls him . He's become some sort of familiar presence in the house. I dare not say she actually sees him but? Doctor, I'm the one who's scared. I'm the one who's scared.

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