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The collector

Central Bureau of Territorial Surveillance. Memo from Field Agent L. G. to Assistant Director. Date unknown. Subject: . Request: Zone 5 grading of subject.

We have serious reasons to believe that the subject known as is of a non-organic nature. Field Agent P.W. completed in the evening of Sept. 9 a search of the subject's apartment, and found several items, including a series of still humid tree leaves let to dry on a table, that lead us to think that the subject has a compulsive obsession for biological material, such as leaves, snails, horses or birds. Though this could be simply construed as somekind of candid scientific research spurred by self-questionning on his own nature, we cannot discard the possibility of more hostile objectives, that would definitely make a primary target for a full-fledged Bureau investigation. It is our opinion that the administrative processes involving his grading in Zone 5 should be expedited with all due speed, since the subject has been known for his erratic and sudden disappearances.

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