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Abraham Wilsinszki, Chronology Controller. Régie Autonome des Synchronismes. Report #23B# on the turbulence occurred on March 17, 1997.

13:08:34:67 -The turbulence is well on its way. We were quite late, due to an unexpected traffic jam (the cause being a demonstration between the Quai de Vitempes and Avenue of Verdeil). As it is written in our report #78234A#, the jogger has just passed the two men in black. His own reflection in the Canal Saint-Julien precedes him by 8.54 m.

13:08:35:34 - The turbulence reaches its peak. The reflections of the men in black have followed the jogger's image. The latter has now receded to the place where it should have been 77/100 seconds earlier.

13:08:35:35 - The turbulence is over. All the reflections are back where they belong. Nobody's life has been affected. Nobody noticed anything. It is business as usual from now.

Recommendations - The turbulence of March 17 is the most important one in the past three weeks. We propose to give it a Yellow Tag. The most likely perpetrator is obviously , and we recommend that the rules relevant to this situation should be applied with the utmost severity, even if there is some doubt about their technical efficiency. It should be noted that one of the three characters could have been himself, physically enjoying hisown little prank.

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