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Click on the verses to see them in context. Shakespeare's plays are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


Right, as snow in harvest.--Come, you deceive yourself:

 Talkers are no good doers: be assur'd And in this resolution here we leave you.-- Armed in proof and led by shallow Richmond. Ha! am I king? 'tis so: but Edward lives. A sail, a sail, a sail! My lord, I came to see your father's funeral. Loyal and neutral, in a moment? No man: The king shall drink to Hamlet's better breath; 
As little joy enjoys the queen thereof;

 Here's one, a friend, and one that knows you well. Thy garter, blemish'd, pawn'd his knightly virtue; If that your moody discontented souls You know, I'll tell you the truth, this interface is so easy that anyone could do it.  Come, is the bride ready to go to church? 
And a good lady, and a wise and virtuous:
 For England. I doubt not but his friends will turn to us. The jealous o'er-worn widow, and herself, 
Nay, now dispatch; 'twas I that stabb'd young Edward,--
 Her eye discourses, I will answer it.-- Where it draws blood no cataplasm so rare, With all my heart; and it doth much content me Who, then, shall blame