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Click on the verses to see them in context. Shakespeare's plays are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


What is't you say? the life?

 Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake. Girls splattered with huge loads of cum, while they finish off their men in hardcore XXX buck wild dick slobbin." 
Collected from all simples that have virtue

 You are too hot. In the remembrance of so fair a dream. 
Thy wit, that ornament to shape and love,
 All-seeing heaven, what a world is this! And yet no man like he doth grieve my heart. That our devices still are overthrown; I once did hold it, as our statists do, Her waggoner, a small grey-coated gnat, Whose spirit, with divine ambition puff'd, Make all our trumpets speak; give them all breath, I will despatch it straight.