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Click on the verses to see them in context. Shakespeare's plays are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


The envious slanders of her false accusers;

 As I am subtle, false, and treacherous, Which the false man does easy. I'll to England. 
Who spake aloud, 'What scourge for perjury
Who spake aloud, 'What scourge for perjury

 Young fry of treachery! By false intelligence or wrong surmise, Pray God, I say, I prove a needless coward. So do not I: go, coward as thou art.-- That wouldst thou holily; wouldst not play false, Affection makes him false, he speaks not true:  'Gainst Fortune's state would treason have pronounc'd: False face must hide what the false heart doth know. Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain! Or my true heart with treacherous revolt Invest just $198, and two hours each month Thy dear love sworn, but hollow perjury,