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Click on the verses to see them in context. Shakespeare's plays are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


I cry thee mercy then; for I did think

 Retorts it: Romeo he cries aloud, That, sweepstake, you will draw both friend and foe, Evermore weeping for your cousin's death? This quarry cries on havoc.--O proud death, 
Blubbering and weeping, weeping and blubbering.--

 Wherefore was that cry? With curses in her mouth, tears in her eyes, Immoderately she weeps for Tybalt's death, Cry mercy, lords and watchful gentlemen, That which cries, "Thus thou must do, if thou have it: Whips out his rapier, cries 'A rat, a rat!' Thou wrong'st it more than tears with that report. We cannot without circumstance descry. 
  • So dear I lov'd the man that I must weep.
 Weep our sad bosoms empty. It weeps, it bleeds; and each new day a gash Ah, who shall hinder me to wail and weep, This quarry cries on havoc.--O proud death, I cannot choose but ever weep the friend. That which cries, "Thus thou must do, if thou have it:  Why, let the strucken deer go weep,