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Concept notes

The variation series was born from the "Assassin and his cats" pictures, and from the related demonstration scene. It was an accident bound to happen... Making images is a long process, anything but straightforward. Ideas come and go, and most of them never make it in the final picture. There are good reasons for this, but still, it is always painful to think that some interesting stuff has to go back to that fabled store of ideas, usually to never surface again. Many images in this website have already alternate versions, but the changes are usually only about the lighting. These series takes this concept a little further.

The 12 changes series: while working on the demonstration scene, I started playing with different colour schemes to take the boredom out of making such a bland picture. The result was cool enough and fast to create since all the complicated stuff was already done.

The 9 women of power came next. "Rules" emerged: I would keep the camera, the character, the building, the car, most of the lighting and texturing, but I would use different poses and add characters and props.

The 9 seasons series was a logical follow-up: the "rules" would be to change the scene as much as possible, illustrating different atmospheres. Only the camera/building/car/character would still be there. Of course, working on this series took much longer than for the previous ones: each image was now less a part of a series than a independent one! I was back at making complex pictures involving a lot of modeling, texturing and research, so it was time to stop. I have ideas for a 4th series, but it will have to wait.

Technical notes

All the images were staged and rendered with the Persistence of Vision Ray-tracer, versions 3.5 and 3.6. All the images use the following models (available here):

12 changes

9 women of power

In order of appearance:

9 seasons

In order of appearance: