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Cliquer sur les vers pour les voir dans leur contexte. Les pièces de Shakespeare sont disponibles auprès du Projet Gutenberg.


There was he gaming; there o'ertook in's rouse;

 Get all the girls or guys you want easily,excite your mate like never before... Good Catesby, go, effect this business soundly. With mirth in funeral, and with dirge in marriage, You may, sir; 'tis a point of wisdom: fare you well. This lapwing runs away with the shell on his head. 
  • To hell, allegiance! vows, to the blackest devil!
 Whose image even but now appear'd to us, but now the time gives it proof. I did love you once. And, like a rat without a tail, My naked weapon is out: quarrel! I will back thee. and 'tis known I am a pretty piece of flesh. Methought that Gloster stumbled; and, in falling, Thou other gold-bound brow, is like the first;-- Thy love did read by rote, that could not spell. By-and-by is easily said. That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold: A thing, my lord! Do not believe it. 
  • For yesternight by Catesby was it sent me;
 Shall lose the royalty of England's throne. What is her burying gave, that is her womb: