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Family (night)
Family (night)

Because she was born without one, she created her own family from scratch. The means she used to achieve this are best kept secret, because they were illegal, and because the second-hand market for human body parts should never have been accessible to a child. In any case, the main point is that at one time, a mother, a father, a little brother, a cat and a couple of birds entered her life fully equipped with the standard attributes of parents, siblings and pets.

Needless to say, the poor fellows were a little confused at the start, as they found themselves in the rather unsettling position of having to assume an definite social position even though their only cues were bizarrely implanted and contradictory memories. The cat wasn't house-trained. Daddy did recognise that Mummy was a nice woman and smelled good, but he would have preferred her to be a giraffe. Mummy was desperately trying to find threads to weave a web and catch flies. She tried to eat Daddy right after their initial mating. Little Brother floated around like a jellyfish. And the birds tried to make friends with the cat, as they believed themselves to be of the feline persuasion. It took a few months until the family coalesced into something that made sense.

The girl child, however, had the time of her life. Having a real family beat being alone watching fake ones on TV. It was a great fun, better than an ant farm or a cockroach colony. She had people to boss around and play doll with, to hug when they did the right thing and to castigate when they failed. She even opened a diary where she wrote their progresses or relapses . Little Brother could never get rid of his salty breath.

Of the entire bunch, her parents were surely the hardest ones to train properly. They would have eventually to love her, take care of her, educate her and provide for her needs. She was aware that all of this didn't always come naturally even to bona fide parents. She bought self-help books and made them read them. She had them attend sessions on good parenting. She took them to entertainment parks to have them watch other parents behave with their kids in a normal happy way. She tried hard to have them loving each other, as it was commonly understood that