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I am red, I have four legs, my mouth is a bent stiletto. My thirst is awful, and I have to run, I run until I come to a black plain where I find myself surrounded by thousands of beings looking exactly like me. We run in circles and suddenly nipple-like things emerge from the ground. We thrust our stilettos in it, and our thirst is blissfully quenched. Then I wake up and go to the bathroom for a glass of water.

And that's all?, the doctor said from the other side of the desk.

Well, yes, that's all I can remember.

Did you tell your wife ?

My wife ? Oh God. No. I mean, the nipple bit, it's embarrassing, she wouldn't stop asking questions about that if I told her.

The doctor took a half-amused, half-thoughtful air. You came early, you know that ? The other patients usually wait until Episode 3 before they make up their mind to consult a physician. I'll be frank, you're still having re-runs of Episode 1.

Episode 1?

Myself, I'm stuck at the end of Episode 6, when the two spiders try to put the painting back on the wall. I'm waiting for someone to tell me what's after so that I can be free. Here's some advice. Tell everything to your wife and ask her where she stands herself. If she's trapped at the end of Episode 1 like you are, come back together. I will spoil for you the beginning of Episode 2 and you'll be able to proceed. Well, the visit is over. I hope you got the twenty pounds you owe me now, the doctor said with a genuine smile. The man slowly