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Lost! (1999)
Lost! (1999)

We made it. We separated the mind from the flesh. Yes we did. It took two thousand years to get there, two thousand years of not eating this and that, of uncomfortable sex positions unsuitable for porcupines, of early birds never eating any worm, of complete boredom. All this in hope ? this incredibly tiny hope - that one day, we would be free. And now we are. Our body doesn't have any control on our mind anymore. We are pure spirits, roaming as wild buffaloes across the vast prairies of space and time. How beautiful. Well, you know, there's a rub.

There is always a rub.

The rub is that we can't control our body, because it works both ways. And because our body is free, its childish, whimsical nature can express itself without the usual restraints of the will. It's loud. It's gross. It's crude. It's horny. And it loves to torture endlessly this puny animal, the mind, that now floats around in despair. And they said that to be free of bodily contingencies would lead to eternal bliss. Ha ! But what's bliss if you don't have any sense to experience it ? Our minds are now errand calculators and our bodies just have fun chasing them as if they were rare butterflies. And what happens when a body catches a free spirit ? The trouble is, we don't know. The spirit just disappear from our radar screens, as they used to say a long time ago. It goes blink and there's darkness instead. Perhaps body and mind are united again. Perhaps the spirit is sent to a quantic dustbin. We, the spirits, don't talk about this too much. We?re frightened as we never were when attached to a body, but to acknowledge it would be