Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 2007
A year with only two new images... Free time was mostly spent rewriting the website in PHP and preparing demonstration scenes.


Blowing in the wind  Aggressive shopping 

Free 3D scenes and objects for download

M60 demo #1 (finalRender for Cinema 4D)  M60 demo #2 (finalRender for Cinema 4D)  Demo AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle (Cinema 4D)  Demo AK-47 assault rifle (POV-Ray)  Demo ashtray (Cinema 4D)  Shopping cart demo (Cinema 4D) 

Shopping cart demo (POV-Ray)  Saucepan demo (Cinema 4D)  Demo conference chair (Cinema 4D)  Demo conference chair (POV-Ray)  Demo lamp and table (Cinema 4D)  Rubber ducky demo (Cinema 4d) 

Rubber ducky demo (POV-Ray)  Fire extinguisher demo (Cinema 4D)  Ladybird demo (Cinema 4d)  Ladybird demo (POV-Ray)  Demo pitcher (Cinema 4D)  Demo Thompson submachine gun (Cinema 4D) 

Demo Thompson submachine gun (POV-Ray)  Toyplane demo (Cinema 4D)  Toy plane demo (POV-Ray)  Watering can demo (Cinema 4D)  Watering can demo (POV-Ray)