Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 2005
2005 was the year when I really started to use Cinema 4D for anything else than modelling little things. I didn't completely stop using POV-Ray, but it was clear that from now I would model things myself and render them in Cinema 4D rather than buying them (except the Poser characters) and render them in POV-Ray. The Apartement series and the Biology series were the first large C4D projects, and most of the time was spent learning how to do things.


The apartment: balcony  The apartment: bedroom  The apartment: kitchen  The apartment: bathroom  The apartment: living room  The long wait 

The long wait  The long wait  The long wait  The Mondrian caterpillars  Small lies  The kiss 

Biology: communication #1  Biology: communication #2  Biology: predation  Biology: rapture  Biology: reproduction 

Sine City (blue)  The greenhouse