Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 1994
The real year of discovery, and the most productive ever. Ideas kept flowing and it was enough to sit down and code. There's a lot of weird, inventive and funny stuff there, technically lacking due to the limitations (POV-Ray's and mine) of that time, but I wish I could still do the same. The characters where made and sometimes animated with constructive solid geometry (that was 2 years before Poser). At the time, these images had no public at all except a few colleagues.


A red afternoon  Armes  Thirsty  Azulejos  Bubbles  The cage 

The Mondrian caterpillars (1994)  Happy city  Sinistrer city  Crane  Cross  The bikers 

Dragon  Ecoutille  Hermits #1  Hermits #2  The slow lanes (1994)  Evolution 

Windows  Windows  The guardians  Gouttes  Aquamanile  Heliotropism 

Venice  Labyrinth  Street lamp  The wall  The mothers  Mimi 

Museum  Narcissus  Walls have eyes  Parano  Lost! (1994)  Spikes 

Ronde  Snake  Snake  Struto  TVs  Thingie 

Killers  Zebra 

Columns  Porte  The righters of wrongs  Neighbours 

Commercial works

Masternova (1994)