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Cliquer sur les vers pour les voir dans leur contexte. Les pièces de Shakespeare sont disponibles auprès du Projet Gutenberg.


Canker'd with peace, to part your canker'd hate:

 By heaven, my soul is purg'd from grudging hate; More grief to hide than hate to utter love. For hateful deeds committed by myself! More hateful to mine ear. You are deceiv'd, your brother Gloster hates you. Despis'd, distressed, hated, martyr'd, kill'd!-- Here's much to do with hate, but more with love:-- 
My only love sprung from my only hate!

 Our former hatred, so thrive I and mine! If thou delight to view thy heinous deeds, Aiming, belike, at your interior hatred That they which brought me in my master's hate, As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee: To take her in her heart's extremest hate; Aiming, belike, at your interior hatred Whatever I shall think. By doing damned hate upon thyself? More direful hap betide that hated wretch Dissemble not your hatred, swear your love. You are deceiv'd, your brother Gloster hates you. In deadly hate the one against the other: Accurs'd, unhappy, wretched, hateful day!