Thursday, September 4, 2008

The mystery house (part 2)

The lift rose slowly to the 4th floor. When it arrived, a door opened on each side. We were on a little terrace over a deep well.

The side with the flower pots was promising, so we went there.

There was a door. It was closed. We didn't have the key.

We crossed the elevator cabin to the other side. There was a similar door there, also closed, but it opened when we turned the handle.

The door led to a long dark corridor. The light was broken so we couldn't see where it went. We tried to open several doors to no avail. There were no stairway up or down either.

We went back to the elevator. It was gone, and its door had closed automatically behind us. We tried the key that we had used previously on it when we were on the ground floor. It didn't work. The elevator needed different keys to go up and down.

We were trapped on the landing of the 4th floor, unable to go up or down. Did I say that we had a baby in a carriage and a few pieces of luggage? (To be continued...)

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